What's Being Done for E-Bike Safety?

Education Efforts

Required Youth Education

In some places, such as Los Alamitos, California, the police department is working to fix these issues in a new way. Joining with the local school district, police have created an education program for middle schoolers. All students who wish to park their e-bike at school must attend an hour-long training course to learn the rules of the road and the dangers associated with e-bike use. They receive a registration sticker. Students without this course are not allowed to park their bikes at school.

Optional General Education

Both legislative and private entities have increased their efforts to provide online education for e-bicyclists. These courses are not required, but are recommended for all e-bikers to ride safely. The California Highway Patrol offers an online Electric Bicycle Training and Safety course. Another option is the E-Bike Smart course offered by the two well-known bicycle enthusiasts, PeopleforBikes and the League of American Bicyclists.

Government Policy

A state bill (CA Bill AB2234) was introduced in California in 2024 which would restrict all children 12 years old and younger from using an e-bike of any class. The bill would also implement a licensing system that would require anyone without a driver’s license to take an e-bike education course and exam, and be issued a photo ID. A previous version of this bill was not implemented, which could suggest an unfavorable outcome for this newly proposed bill as well.